Anytime we're open, we can help you with framing! In addition to being an art gallery since 1984, we have been in the custom framing business all those years as well! We love framing. We generally frame all of the limited-edition work in the gallery, and have a large clientele for purely custom framing.

In 30+ years we've done many memorable projects: family photo collages and children's art of course, but also more off-beat projects like an antique fan collection, album covers (remember those?!), an African necklace, fossils, coral, menus, old feed bags (definitely the most unusual), a coffee bag, vintage political posters, stamps, a heart-shaped rock, a Persian shawl, Chinese drawings on rice paper, baseball cards and a Red Sox jersey, a Hawaiian flag, an African flag, a Victorian hair wreath (yes!), a baptism gown, a quilt...and so forth!

We always use archival products (like the matboard, backing, and adhesives); we can put any kind of glass on your artwork from regular picture glass to museum glass and everything in between.

We often work with customers from afar on projects - it usually requires a phone conversation and perhaps some pictures going back and forth over email or text message. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or for a framing quote!