Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light

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Beautiful Light, Maine Coast by Christine Blain is a limited-edition giclee print.  The light absolutely sparkles on the water in this 17" x 22" piece!

Christine chose this piece as her favorite work in our gallery.  The story behind her choice is inspiring: she said, as a child, she would watch the sunlight dance on the ocean waves and think to herself, "if only I could paint that someday!" 

As a young adult she found parenting and life in general crowded out any time she had to paint, although she still always took photos with the hope of someday using them as inspiration.  She took the photo that inspired Beautiful Light from a moving car window.

Many years later, as an artist, she thought of those pictures and challenged herself to paint from them.  Christine feels the resulting painting is not only a visual record, but also the culmination of a lifelong dream...